2016 Has Been A GREAT Year!

I’m seeing a lot of people complaining online that 2016 was a horrible year. I don’t at all feel that way. 2016 was a GREAT year for me!! When I look back at all the things I got to experience this year, how could I NOT think 2016 was so great? 🙂

Some of my experiences this year?

  • Attending the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500
  • Going to Cedar Point and riding several rollercoasters in the FRONT ROW – including Top Thrill Dragster and Valravn
  • Watchin the fireworks over Niagara Falls
  • Going ziplining in the Berkshires
  • Joining Meetup groups and getting out to meet new people
  • Going to see the Pet Shop Boys!

  • Meeting Stephan Pastis!

  • Meeting Chris Guillebeau

  • Meeting Patrick McDonnell

  • Meeting Meat Loaf!!

  • Most importantly – 2016 has been the year I started to find ME again…