“21 Day” Arm Sculpting Challenge Group

weights gloves 020316

February has been interesting so far. I joined a “21 day” arm sculpting challenge group on Facebook and we are now three days into the challenge. I put “21 day” in quotes because the challenge stretches out the length of the month with “rest” days in between arm days. The group has decided to also do a squat challenge mixed in with the arm challenge and ooh… am I feeling that today!!

I’ve been doing light workouts for a few months now and I’ve only been using 3 lb weights. Monday I got gutsy and decided to step up to the 5 lb weights. I think that’s why I’m feeling the effects of the workout today!! That means it’s WORKING. 🙂

The day before the challenge started, I got a keyword alert through slickdeals: Sears was having an insane deal on weights. What funny timing! I shared this deal in the group and several other members also got some new weights. I opted for the 10 lb weights to have on hand when I eventually feel ready to step up from the 5 lb weights. We also picked up 15, 20, and 25 lb kettlebell weights. Three days and one insanely good coupon later, and I now have 15 and 20 lb dumbbells en route to me. Those are still a long way off, but it’s something to strive for! In the meantime, just 5 lb weights until I get a little more used to these workouts. After that, it’s fair game. 🙂