Affiliate Progress And Found Money 5

I didn’t feel like I was making much progress today, but looking back on my day – it does seem productive! I learned some new stuff, got a site prepped for Amazon Affiliate purposes, posted a “related article” on affiliate site #1, and posted my first Amazon Affiliate review on affiliate site #2.

Site #1 and site #2 are quite different. Site #1 is reviewing a product from Clickbank while adding related content articles (over time) to try and drive traffic to the site. Somewhat of a niche site, but one that reviews a product. Site #2 will be several articles recommending Amazon products in a particular niche. This is a niche I do have experience with, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find products to recommend.

I’m trying out different strategies to learn different processes and hopefully generate multiple streams of income. I sure have learned a LOT the last week or so. I find this stuff fun. 🙂

So how is 2015 looking for everyone else so far? We got out yesterday and made our annual trek to GLITTER HELL, a.k.a. Christmas clearance shopping at Target and Walmart. I’m finding myself less and less interested in shopping these days – that’s a GOOD thing! I still wanted to go though. This only comes once a year.

We had a nice time shopping and picked up a few items. Not too much. 🙂 We planned our day to do lunch out and that was nice. I ate lunch with a beautiful golden retriever service dog by my feet. So well behaved!! I almost didn’t even see the dog when we were led to our table. The host did ask if we were ok with the dog being there. Nice of him to make sure WE were dog friendly in that situation.

The day started off windy and the wind became BRUTAL while we were out. Just cold and windy – yuck! Came back home and found this in the parking lot:

found money 010215

Nice find, but… I feel really bad that someone lost such a substantial chunk of change and I don’t have any way of finding out who it belongs to. 🙁 It covers most of our lunch costs, but I’d still feel better if someone hadn’t lost it in the first place. Well, mine now I guess. I set it aside while I figure out the best use for it.

5 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress And Found Money

  • LifeBafflesMe

    Well they were until you left this comment. White letters on white background in the comment box? ARGH!! Week thrown off with an offsite work meeting. FUN, but exhausting. Still don’t feel well at all. 🙁 Certainly no energy to fix it this morning, but I’ll get it fixed this weekend. *sigh*

    • Mel

      Hang in there. No pressure to fix it. It will happen when you are better. Sorry you aren’t feeling well!

      • LifeBafflesMe

        Bad eczema flare up over the past few weeks on the back of both hands. It *MIGHT* actually be subsiding though!! Wiping all energy out of me and the work meeting mid-week didn’t help. I’m so out of whack right now. Need to seriously regroup this weekend. that’s the plan!

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