Aperture Practice

One of my goals for the month of November is to finally master using my camera. I have been watching tutorials and reading books and I finally felt ready to pick up my camera and try things out. My first attempt at that was yesterday and I gave up rather quickly because I was getting frustrated. It’s still a goal so I need to try try try again. So… today I was back out with the camera! I wanted to practice working with aperture and seeing how that would affect a picture. I suspect that’s the one I’ll prioritize most often. I think I am understanding aperture a lot more than I did previously. Getting my hands on the camera and taking test pictures really helped. Here are a couple of examples:

Tree f32 1.100 iso3200 110715

f 32, 1/100, ISO 3200


Tree f5.6 1.250 iso320 110715

f 5.6, 1/250, ISO 320

Ah ha!! I can really see the difference between those two pictures! Here are a couple more:

Bush f32 1.100 iso3200 110715

f 32, 1/100 ISO 3200


Bush f5.6 1.400 iso400

f 5.6, 1/400, ISO 400

Ok – I really feel like I learned something today! Too bad the weather is getting colder and interesting things to photograph are quickly disappearing. I did manage to find a few things around the house that I could practice with. Of course I quickly got distracted by cat pictures. I’ll save those for tomorrow. 🙂

For now, here are a couple other pictures I found interesting:

dandelion 110715

What month is it??


trees and shrooms 110715