Attempting To Make My Brain Explode

algae explosion 101814

So I got the bright idea to try and learn something new today. I can’t say just yet what that is – but I will likely do so soon. Oh my goodness… was I trying to make my brain explode?!?! I sure did take in a LOT of information today. I’m not even done learning it all. I have one more 30 minute video to watch and I will do that tomorrow.

I certainly found everything I was learning to be quite interesting, but it’s an entirely new world that I have NO experience with. I’ll learn though – won’t I? I just feel I’ve mastered so many other topics that are now boring me, and I need to find something new to occupy my mind and hopefully make some money. Just a new challenge for me to try. No harm in doing so and perhaps I’ll come out ahead in this venture.

Now wouldn’t that be awesome?! 🙂