Blogging About What *I* Want To Blog About

This is something I am struggling with lately: blogging about what *I* want to blog about. I’m not sure why, but the blogs I don’t care that much about are the ones that are getting attention, while the blogs I WANT to get attention aren’t really getting any. This is partly my fault as I don’t do enough to promote them – but I sure don’t promote the other blogs either.

All of a sudden my original couponing blog is getting a ton of new attention. I don’t fully understand this as I haven’t been posting there lately. I don’t coupon shop like I used to. Mostly rebates these days and I just don’t have the time to blog about them AND file the rebates. I’m thinking I might have to though. If that’s the blog that gets attention, maybe that’s the blog I should grow?

Problem is: It doesn’t interest me anymore. Yeah I still deal shop and I probably always will, but I don’t feel I fit into the world of coupon bloggers. Once upon a time maybe, but not anymore. I’ve stepped up the stakes here a bit with the rebates and it’s a TOTALLY different ballgame!

So I’m still undecided on what to do with that blog. Every day more and more followers on Facebook and more and more visitors according to Google Analytics. Where were these people when I actually blogged regularly?!?

I do need to remember that I have THIS blog up and running. You know – the one where I can post ANYTHING I want to? Like this beautiful picture I took of little cancer pup yesterday:

peyton wants pizza 030114

Yes, my random blog where thoughts likely only make sense to me and that’s OK. 🙂

The other blogs? Well, I just need to put some effort into the ones I want to grow. Maybe some minimal effort into the ones I need to sustain because they get traffic.

These things all require time though. Something I don’t have a lot of these days thanks to the dogs. Well, I do the best I can and try not to make excuses. Blogging requires WORK and I have to find the time for it somehow. Yeah, famous last words…