Can’t find any words

I haven’t touched any of my blogs in the last two weeks. I just can’t find any words these days. Can’t seem to find the time to devote – what little time I can find, I am just too exhausted to even care about anything. Seriously… I’m falling asleep already as I type this. What is causing this exhaustion? Work, my mother, my cat, my dogs, etc, etc.

I posted an open message to my mother about retirement – only to later find out she gave her notice THAT day. Seriously?? In the short term, I think it’s a good decision. It’s the long term that worries me.

My cat was sick for a week and a half: an abscess on her rear-end and severe constipation. All the plumbing is flowing nicely now and the abscess is nearly gone.

In the midst of the issues with my cat, we were told our beagle likely has lymphoma. We opted NOT to biopsy the lymph nodes and put her through chemo. Just can’t do that to her. So she is on steroids now in an attempt to make her comfortable. We are doing what we can to enjoy whatever time we have left with her.

The vet changed our old dog’s medication and the dose he has been on hasn’t been as effective. It has made for a very stressful few days. At least we got permission to up the dosage for him. His old medication was working well for him, but there’s a chance it was destroying his liver. We need to give this medication a few more days to see if it helps him.

And now the bombings in Boston?? Oh, that hits too close to home. We are not far from there at all and actually are due to go into the city on Wednesday. Ugh. Too much.

Of course I barely get all this typed and now dinner is ready. I guess I should be thankful for what few words I can find right now.