Clarity Returning?

Two weeks ago I felt so motivated and on track, then I got sick. For the past week I have felt so unmotivated and lost. I swear the first thing to go when I don’t feel good is mental clarity!! Aggravating to say the least. If I don’t physically feel like doing something, I should mentally be able to handle things. Nope. Not at all.

By Saturday morning I was ready to declare myself nearly 100%. By lunch time I had gone downhill drastically. The rest of the weekend was just up and down, up and down.

This morning I am quite hesitant to declare myself better, but suddenly my mind feels clearer. I chose a new kindle book to read and the information really struck me. Suddenly affirmations popped into my head! Whoa, where’d that come from? Affirmations were what I have been struggling with the most! I’ve been using pre-made affirmations but I didn’t feel I was getting anything out of them. They were too long and they weren’t made for ME. I need shorter affirmations that are tailored to my needs, not just anyone. So I took a break from the kindle book and started up a Google doc to jot some ideas down. Gotta love technology and not missing a beat!

Running out of time to really dive into goals here, but I’d still like to write some things down.

  • I still need to choose and start a Udemy class. Getting sick really sidelined this.
  • I need to spend more time working on 2 or 3 other website projects. 2 definite and the 3rd a maybe.
  • I need to start decluttering. PLEASE? This stuff has to GO.