After walking the dogs this morning, I suddenly had the urge to exercise! WOW! That’s good since this is something I had been wanting to work into my routine, but I had to actually *want* to do it. So before I hopped in the shower, I fired up the Wii and did a little 10 minute running/punching workout. That felt nice! I certainly will do more of this.

Yesterday ended up being quite a productive day, despite how I was feeling. I had a ridiculous amount of work to do to meet a deadline, but I calmly worked through it. I got everything done without panicking. 🙂  Of course all hell broke loose after my deadline and the afternoon wasn’t as productive. Those things were out of my control though. I realized that keeping myself busy was quite helpful – I mean actual, physical work. I decided to keep this up when I got home, and happily got to work cleaning in the kitchen/dining area. I threw some things away, filled a small giveaway box, put some things where they belong – and you just can’t tell I did this! Well, you sort of can. This was just a start and there’s still some work to do there. I had to start somewhere and I knew I couldn’t get it all done in one shot!

This morning I did some financial stuff after breakfast. I recently got a Chase Ink card – with a whopping $1000 credit limit. I understand their hesitation in giving me a large business line since I don’t have the business to back it up – but really?!? I’m not a huge spender but that is a tough line to make this our primary card. We worked with it for a few weeks, charging/paying weekly. I called Chase on Saturday and asked for a small increase – just to $2000. I don’t NEED a large limit on this card – I just need one that’s reasonable. Blah blah blah…. review… will receive letter… blah blah blah. Checked the account this morning and it appears my request was approved!! It’ll be much easier to reach the $3000 spend we need to get the bonus on this card. We’re almost there.

Speaking of credit cards: a phenomenal offer for the Amex Gold card popped up the other day and we both got approved. Just $1000 spend to get the bonus on this card: 50K points. The cards arrived on Monday and I activated them this morning. We’ll start working on these cards once we reach the spend level on the Chase Ink. Fun, easy money!