Extreme Fatigue

I woke up yesterday morning and could barely move! WTF? I had NO ENERGY AT ALL. No clue what the extreme fatigue was all about, but it never let up the entire day. 🙁 I’ve been quite tired lately, but this went WAY beyond tired. Simply couldn’t move, that’s all. Just getting through my day absolutely wiped me out. Needless to say, my day was not at all productive!

Despite the fatigue, I still managed to get up, showered, dressed, made breakfast, went grocery shopping, changed the bed, washed some clothes, and cleaned the litterboxes. This may sound productive, but for me this was just scraping by. Those things had to be done – I had no choice.

As far as my blogging projects go: no energy = no thinking. 🙁 I did NOT get the comment box problem fixed on any of my sites using this theme. Not super important, but it’s really bothering me. I did get some preliminary research done on a project and tweaked one of my sites a little. Not a complete waste of a day, but I did have projects I wanted to complete and those didn’t get done… yet *again*   🙁

I’m not feeling completely fatigued today, but I’m still very very very TIRED. Can’t see this day amounting to much either – and I have to WORK.

I’ll just plug along as best I can. This crap that’s bugging me seriously needs to GO AWAY!