Facebook Algorithm FAIL

To say things have been hectic and stressful lately is quite the understatement. Last fall we had two dogs and now we have none.

Life with dogs didn’t play out the way we expected. We didn’t think our lab mix would live as long as he did and we sure didn’t plan on our beagle getting cancer! We absolutely didn’t plan on losing them so close together, but we’ve long known that was what would happen. We lost our lab October 25th and our beagle four months later, February 25th. We so quickly went from two dogs to none and it’s a difficult transition to make.

Our beagle went through chemo treatments for nearly TWO YEARS. She fought a good fight, but as always happens: the cancer became too much to overcome.

Three days after we had to put her down, my husband ran across this sponsored post in his Facebook feed:

Facebook Algorithm Fail 022815


Obviously it’s well known that Facebook caters their sponsored posts to the stuff you are discussing on your page, but… WHAT?!?! WHY?!?

It’s a bit of a slap in the face to get hit with a cancer in dogs post – with a picture of a BEAGLE!!

Complete algorithm FAIL there, Facebook. Really really unnecessary and uncalled for. 🙁


Well, needless to say: we are well versed in pet cancer at this point! After losing a cat and two dogs to cancer, we sure don’t need a post on Facebook to teach us anything.

Despite all she went through and the eventual outcome, we did all we could to make sure she was happy and loving life.

She was smiling all the way ’til the end!!

Peyton 111514

November 2014