I Feel Like I Don’t Know Anyone Anymore!

I feel like I don’t know anyone anymore..


That’s a GOOD thing!! 😀

I belong to a WONDERFUL group on Facebook. This group is full of people from all over the world, all walks of life, different backgrounds, different industries, different interests, etc. Such a diverse group and most importantly – a very SUPPORTIVE and POSITIVE group.

A few days ago someone in the group got the idea that we should spread more positivity on Facebook. Our news feeds have become too cluttered with negative posts and lots of complaining. She asked anyone who wanted more positivity in their news feed to like the post and comment. Then everyone could go through the “like” list and periodically add more friends.

What an interesting concept! I went through the list and randomly added a bunch of people – no clue how many! Suddenly I don’t know most of the people in my news feed!! This is not a bad thing and it’s rather refreshing.

What has come of this so far? Well the last few days have been filled with comments and messages from people eager to get to know others for the fun of it. This situation has a very child like quality to me. Remember being young and wanting to be friends with everyone just because they were around you and they seemed interesting? It’s much like that. Hey, I’ll be your friend! What do you like to do? Here’s what I like to do. Tell me more about you! Here’s more about me. 🙂

The positivity change has already had an impact on me. I had a LONG day at work yesterday and had to stay late to finish some things. Of course it was Friday and traffic was brutal on the way home. Ah, but did it matter? Not so much. My mind was still filled with all the messages from the day. I happily contemplated the new connections I was making and the impact this could have on everyone going forward.

What could come of randomly adding a bunch of like-minded strangers as friends on Facebook?

  • New connections could lead to new friendships
  • New connections could lead to new IDEAS
  • Maybe someone has a question that I might have answers to
  • Maybe I have a question or a problem that one of my new friends can help me with
  • We can bounce ideas off each other
  • We can get support/feedback/criticism for our projects we are working on
  • We can work on being better versions of ourselves by being mindful of what we post in our news feed
  • We can collectively enrich those around us with our posts

These are just a few ways this could be a positive venture for me. I’ve already had some brief conversations with people that are definitely worth getting to know and I look forward to meeting even more people. You certainly can’t have too many good people in your life!