Flipped Our NO FLIP Mattress

Add us to the group of folks who made the mistake of buying a horrible NO FLIP pillow top mattress. In all my research on the internet, I haven’t found one single person who is happy with theirs after a few years. The warranty on these things is absolute bullshit and again, not ONE person who has been successful in winning a warranty claim. I have also learned that we are quite lucky – we apparently have gotten more years out of this mattress than we should have. That said, it’s absolutely unbearable and we aren’t quite ready to buy another one yet.

So… Can you flip a pillow top mattress? Why not?!? The underside of the mattress just feels like a cheap “normal” mattress. I can kinda feel the springs, so I certainly wouldn’t recommend sleeping straight on the mattress. We already had a memory foam topper, so we flipped the mattress and put that on top. Oh wow – SO MUCH BETTER! Is it perfect? No, far from it. What other choice do we have though?

Everything I read about flipping a pillow top mattress said “NO! Don’t do it! It will degrade the mattress quicker!” Well… Don’t I already have a mattress I can’t sleep on? Anything better is worth trying in my book.

After two nights of sleeping on the flipped mattress, I certainly am sleeping “better”. It’s going to take some time to catch up though. My sleepless nights have been going on far too long now…