Fun Mail Day!

fun mail day 042814

Oh boy – it was a FUN mail day! 🙂  If you don’t look forward to checking your mail – you aren’t doing it right!

Came home to two packages – two items I needed to mail rebates for. I also got some event tickets from my cousin for an event we are attending together. And… and… and… TWELVE REBATES!

Yikes! Spent a big portion of the night matching the rebate cards up to my rebate spreadsheet, then adding them to my gift card spreadsheet. I have to be diligent about this stuff or I wouldn’t be able to do as many rebates as I do. As it stands – I have a $60 rebate card I can’t match up to anything. I marked it in my spreadsheet as unknown – I’m sure I’ll figure it out at some point.

I’m really in an anti-facebook mood today. I came home from work and quickly checked it, then closed it down for the rest of the night. Ha ha ha… my phone just buzzed with a game invite. Oh friends of mine – do you not understand yet how I feel about facebook games?!? 😉 It’s fine if you want to play them, but I can’t be bothered. They just aren’t for me.

In any case: it once again felt really nice to stay off of facebook for even just an evening. We ate dinner at a reasonable time. I was able to casually work through all my rebate stuff. Now it’s a reasonable 9:30 pm and I’m thinking of heading to bed. Yes! Good plan!