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I’ve been dabbling with RingPlus plans lately and I’m really finding it to be a lot of fun! A bit like gambling in some respects. I started the first plans up a couple of months ago, just for kicks. Then the new offerings of plans just became addictive. Better and better plans and I wanted them!

My mom’s boyfriend couldn’t afford to pay his cell phone bill, so I bought him a phone and set him up on RingPlus. He doesn’t use that many minutes, so this is perfect for him. I really liked the phone I got him, so I got myself one. It’s usually easier to explain things to a non-tech person when you have the same device. I had given my dad a cheap android phone to play with as a wifi device and that phone was eligible – so I set it up as well.

Then the plans got even BETTER. Ooh… I want! Tried and tried to get these three lines upgraded with not much luck. They were all set to upgrade this past week to a slightly better plan, but not the one I really wanted. Then RingPlus accidentally left open an upgrade option to a GREAT plan, and later canceled the upgrades as mistakes. This canceled out all my pending upgrades. 🙁

In the meantime they announced there would be a wait list for any current customers who wanted to upgrade to one of their Future plans: 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 1000 mb of data. This is precisely the plan I wanted for all three lines, so I put them all on the wait list.

Two days ago RingPlus announced their newest offering, yet again for NEW subscribers. But… they also announced that anyone on the wait list prior to October 12th would automatically be upgraded yesterday. The upgrades kicked in around 9 pm last night. SCORE!! Now I feel like I gambled and won.

These are just test lines for me and for my dad, but this is HUGE for my mom’s boyfriend. If RingPlus has the staying power, I plan to get some more folks on board. 🙂


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