Getting up early

I’m implementing a new morning schedule around here, in the hopes of getting some things done. Time for myself to do what I want. I psyched myself up for it so much, I started getting up early on Friday instead of today as originally planned. Yesterday I was so excited at the thought of getting up early today – not so much today when the alarm actually went off. Bleah.

I am hoping things fall into place once I start getting used to the new schedule. It definitely IS giving me more time to work on things, I just can’t seem to get a good plan in place for that time. Ideally I will be able to get some work done on websites I don’t feel I have enough time for. This should also free up my stressful evenings, so I can find more relaxing ways to spend my time – and SLEEP better! Yes, that would be nice.

I have to remember it has only been a few days, and only my second work day. Work days are going to be key because I already have a set schedule – I’m just adding to it and starting the day earlier. It also would be nice if I could get to work a little earlier than I have been! That would make my days at work quite a bit easier.

Well, it’s a start and I have to start somewhere. Now that I’m awake – I’m excited about this time again, even though it’s almost up for today. That’s how it goes and I have to learn to structure this time so I get the most benefit out of it. I see a lot of potential in getting up early and I completely understand why a lot of people do this. I’m running 40 minutes ahead of my normal time right now – that’s plenty of time to get ready at MY pace! 🙂