Goals For The Week: 10/04/15 – 10/10/15

I’m having a productive morning so far, but of course FAST running out of time. Still can’t complain though. My own fault I didn’t get up a half hour earlier like I wanted to, but I just didn’t sleep well. That needs to change TONIGHT!

I just wanted to jot down some goals I have for the week. I am hoping this will help keep me motivated.

  • I registered a domain name for one of the cats and I need to get the blog set up. Start with picking out a THEME!!
  • Start visualization boards on Pinterest – begin with decluttering/organization.
  • Pick out a Udemy class to start – and START IT.
  • Work: get A-C filing backlog cleared up.
  • Work toward weaning myself off using SD as a crutch. Ok to check a few times a day. NOT ok to run there when stressed.

I started using Wunderlist to add all my to-dos to. I’m getting the hang of it!! I definitely think it is helping, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Making progress in that department though. I was really interested in Wunderlist because I could set up a new blank tab in Chrome as my Wunderlist inbox. This allows me to quickly add notes that I can sort out later. With it installed on all my devices, it’s VERY easy to add to the list while I’m on the go. That was the feature that really drew me to it. Still working on organizing all the to-dos, but I’m getting there.