Guns n Roses Anyone?

My husband and I are huge music fans and we love the experience of a live concert whenever it’s possible for us to go. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see bands that were NEVER going to get back together. I always swore if The Police got back together we’d go see them – and we did. Simon & Garfunkel – oh yes, we were there! So many bands that say they are NEVER EVER EVER getting back together and going on tour…

The odds of Axl and Slash patching up their differences for a GnR tour though? Oh boy… that seemed far fetched. We can still dream, right? “If they EVER go on tour… if it EVER happens… ”

You have to understand though: I’m just not a GnR fan. I never have been a fan and that’s not likely to change. Hubby is a fan, but he’s not even the biggest fan I know. Not even close. The talks of a GnR reunion have always been “If they EVER go on tour… I know who has to go with you.” That has always been the plan.

Imagine my surprise when GnR announced a reunion tour this past week! You’re kidding me!!! For real? Tickets go on sale to the general public this coming Friday, but I jumped at a chance to buy them in a presale yesterday.

Getting to tell the biggest GnR fan you know that he is going to the concert? PRICELESS!


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