Handsome Doby

This is my “new” little buddy, Doby. Isn’t he handsome? 🙂

Doby Eyes 110715

Doby was one of two shelter cats that came to live with us back in August. The first six weeks or so were a bit of a challenge with him. He was TERRIFIED that he was even here in the first place. It didn’t help that he was on an antibiotic and I had to drag him out from under everything twice a day to medicate him. Then he got an ear infection and had to have ear drops for the next two weeks. NOT a good start to life here. 🙁

doby tongue 110715

Doby was on an antibiotic because he’d just had half of his teeth removed. He also walks with a limp due to a leg injury when he was a kitten. There’s no sign of a break, so it was a tendon or ligament injury. None of this seems to bother him and he is quite the “normal” cat.

doby right 110715

It took a while for Doby to feel comfortable here, but now you’d never know how much of a struggle those first weeks were. Doby is always under foot squeaking for his food. Oh my goodness, is he ever a S L O W eater!! We have to carefully monitor things just to make sure he gets food.

doby up 110715

The best thing about Doby? He sure does love to cuddle!! He is the cuddliest cat that I have ever met, an absolute sweetheart. 🙂