I Could Do Anything…

I Could Do Anything… If I Only Knew What It Was: How To Discover What You Really Want And How To Get It

Needless to say, when I saw this book title I found it VERY appropriate!!

Really – how could this NOT be calling my name?

i could do anything 111515

I’m enjoying the book so far. Just a couple chapters in and I already flagged three passages that called out to me.

  1. “Many families say, “Do whatever you want, as long as you’re happy.” But if you’re from the one family in a thousand who really means “Do what you want,” I’m envious.” This passage jumped out at me in a section that was discussing how your family influences who/what you are as you are growing up. I really AM that one in a thousand!! Nobody ever told me what I had to do, what I should do, who I should be. I’m lucky in that respect, yet I still never figured out what I should do with my life. 🙁
  2. “High self-esteem comes after action, not before.” This section talks about stepping outside of everything you were taught just by telling yourself that you are something other than what you’ve been taught to believe. ACT the role you want to be and it will build your self-esteem. LOVE THIS!!
  3. “Resistance, or What’s Stopping You, Anyway?” Oh hell – this whole chapter!! I resist EVERYTHING! Why? No clue, I just do.

I’ve made it far enough into the book where I really need to put some thought into my answers. Otherwise, this book won’t be of any help to me at all.

Speaking of books: I just can’t seem to get enough knowledge these days, so I headed off to a couple thrift stores in search of more reading material. I had a couple books in mind that I would have loved to stumble across, but other than that I was open to ideas. No joke, I sat there with my phone looking up reviews on Amazon. I came home with NINE books to read. That should keep me busy for a while!!

new books 111515

I was almost done browsing the books at the first store when I spotted it. No way… could it be?!? Oh it WAS!! Really, right in front of my own eyes? One of the books I was looking for!!!

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

think grow rich 1960

YES!! The 1960 edition! This version supposedly has all the original content. At least it’s not an updated version that’s missing a lot of the information.

I can’t WAIT to read this book!! I suddenly feel left out – much like prior to reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… Now I can fix that.

In other news: I finished my photography class – finally!! I’m happy to report I am feeling a lot more comfortable with my camera. Now I just need to schedule some time to PRACTICE what I have learned.

Now that the photography course is done, it’s time to move on to HTML for the rest of the month. EEK. This intimidates me a bit as well. I think it’s because there is SO MUCH to learn about HTML. I really can only master the basics for now. Well, that is what I will do then. 15 days left in this challenge – I got this!! 😀