I Love Free Money

I feel like life has been nothing but one big blur lately! Caring for the dogs, losing the dogs, hubby’s work situation, a trip that was supposed to clear my mind but didn’t, MY job, etc…

I was STARTING to feel like life was calming down a bit. Just a little bit, but it was a start. Then I got sick!! It’s just a cold, but it has completely drained me this week. I just can’t take one more thing kicking me down – can’t take being sick!

I’m taking a much needed DAY OFF tomorrow, just to rest. I need this more than anyone will ever understand. Hey – I’m even starting to feel better! Maybe I can rest AND enjoy the day a little! Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

In any case, I’ve been trying hard not to spend any unnecessary money since the hubby is working on getting his own business started. Yeah… well… a certain deal site is just so darn addictive!!

The little striped mutt threw my mouse off the desk – yet again!! One time too many now and this rendered my mouse UNBEARABLE to use! The very next day I found a deal for FAR (free after rebate) mice on a well known site. YES PLEASE!! Now that’s a price I can handle and I LOVE rebates!! First – UPS left the package behind at the local facility. Second – it rained and rained and rained and they didn’t even attempt delivery. I FINALLY got my new mouse on the third delivery day and I am much happier now. It’s certainly not as nice as my previous mouse was, but the price was right.

Speaking of the right price…


I heart free money 042315

I heard an ad on Pandora the other day for a local bank offering $150 when you open a checking account and complete the requirements. Well… HELLO THERE!! It has been several months since I’ve done a good bank deal – count me in!! This deal requires a $50 opening deposit and then you get 1) $50 for direct deposit, 2) $50 for e-statements, and $50 for three online bill pays. Oh, EASY money! Hubby and I both signed up. We each got voicemails today asking us to call in to complete our account applications. Why does this sound like a sales pitch?? I guess I’ll call in the morning and find out what that’s about. Can’t leave the easy free money on the table now, can I?

Tonight I was browsing said addictive deal site when I ran across yet another bank deal! This time it’s one per household, so only one of us can sign up. A one time $200 direct deposit gets you a $200 bonus after the account has been open 90 days. $25 direct deposit and 8 debit card transactions per month to avoid fees and this deal is quite easy as well. Slightly more work than the first deal, but still quite doable.

I really have to wrap my head around these offers and set up some tracking info tomorrow. Certainly an easy $500 in our pockets once all is said and done. How could I say no to that??

I <3 free money!!