I’ll Be Hurting Later!

(Sorry for the bad pics. Low light and Fire phone.)

Got up at 4:30 as planned. Brushed teeth, drank water, threw on workout clothes, fed cats. Next up in the 30 day workout plan was a cardio workout. Oh boy… I’m going to be feeling that later!! The muscle pain from yesterday’s workout showed up late last night and I can still feel it. I’ll be lucky if I can walk later…

No plans to take it easy today either. I really need to cut the garden down for winter, so that will be another workout. It’s a small garden, but it’s still a task.

After the workout, I settled down to do some reading, writing, and goal setting. That was well over an hour ago and this is how things currently stand:

me time 103115

This is my “me time” this morning. I really would like breakfast!!

At least it has been a productive hour. Got some reading done, got my goals written out in my journal, did my meditation. I’m just ready to MOVE now. Ah… but I’m getting to do what I really wanted to do more than anything. Cuddle this little guy. 🙂

So here is my completed SMART goals page:

written goals 103115

I put a lot of thought into things over the last few days and today was my first chance to sit down and write things out. Feels good to do just that!

So… today… other than cutting the garden down: go over finances, lunch with hubby, start working on my November goals, prep some stuff for a family get together tomorrow. Nice packed day!

On that note, I think it’s time to dump this mutt and get me some FOOD!