In That Case – I Don’t Want To Dream!

mooz charm

I had a dream last night. Either that doesn’t happen very often or I never remember them. Honestly, I think I don’t sleep well enough to dream. It has been that way for at least a few years now.

Last night I dreamed that I was giving everybody an update on Facebook. I was reporting that the crazy little striped pain in my butt mutt had been sick for several months and was fine now. I wanted to make sure people knew she really hadn’t died after all. Such a short little snippet memory of a dream, but a disappointment indeed. 🙁

Life really took a toll on me caring for two sick/elderly dogs for so long. Age, cancer, chemo, senility, you name it. It’s rough on everyone. Lost one dog in October and the other five months to the day later, in February. No one will ever truly understand how much I was so mentally, and physically, beaten down by all of this.

A month later, a much needed vacation ended on a very sour note. That’s a story for another day, once I figure out what to say about it.

July rolled around and we were blindsided by kidney failure. Well, at least it wasn’t damn cancer again!! My mind couldn’t handle anything else, so I just didn’t talk about it. I still don’t for the most part. I wasn’t as “upset” as I thought I should have been, but perhaps things worked out for the best that way.

I just don’t understand why my brain has to randomly play tricks on me. That’s not nice. In that case – I don’t want to dream!!