Intriguing Ebook: Zero Hour Workweek

Oh my – has it really been almost a MONTH since I last posted. Wow, I suck at this. πŸ™ Been dealing with some issues and I have NOT felt like blogging. Not one bit!! Not even my Music Monday posts. That’s just sad because I absolutely love music! Needless to say, I will be forcing myself to just get over it and start back up again. I really like my blog too much to let it slide like this.

If I haven’t been blogging, what HAVE I been up to you may ask? Learning, learning, learning. Just absorbing as much information that I can. I’ve been listening to podcasts and ebooks. I’ve learned all about brain function and how it impacts you and those around you. I’ve learned about training your mind to stay focused and on track. I’ve learned about various methods of being the best person I can be.

Now… if I could only apply any of this stuff in a practical way and improve my life? Working on that!! Man, these concepts are DIFFICULT to apply to life. I succeed at times and other times I just flat out SUCK. I can only improve on this, right? I think so!

One of the aspects of my life I want to apply these concepts to is making a passive income. I do honestly believe this is something I WILL be successful at some day – why not?? What have I got to lose? Reading and learning all I can about passive income is harmless. At the very least, I am happy if I even gain ONE piece of information out of a book or a podcast. One more concept I didn’t know prior to reading/listening to that item.

This past week I even listened to an audio book that I felt would be full of fluff and beyond my scope of beliefs. Huh… I actually found it quite interesting and I plan to listen to it again. Yes, it had its moments of fluff, but the general concepts in the book were quite intriguing. The wait list to borrow this particular book from the library was so long – I had forgotten all about it when I received the email saying it was available! I will discuss this book in a future post, once I’ve had the chance to fully digest the ideas and find some practical application for them.

In the meantime, I am excited to read THIS ebook I just stumbled across! I will be spending a couple hours in the car as a passenger soon and that’s the perfect time to read this book. What’s the worst that can happen? I might learn something?

Zero Hour Workweek

Β The Zero Hour Work Week: The Essential Guide To Earning a Passive Income Online

Currently FREE on Amazon right now, so I really do not have anything to lose by reading it.

Charging up my Kindle now and then I’ll be ready to go!

Side note: you don’t actually need a Kindle to “purchase” Kindle books. You can read them on your phone, tablet, computer, etc.


What have YOU got to lose by learning something new today? πŸ™‚