My favorite day of the week! Ok, not quite… It’s the most horrible, horrendous, awful, day of the week. Sometimes at least. I really don’t think today will be too bad though. Famous last words, huh?

I’m up early again. I found it tough to get out of bed again this morning. The mutts had me tucked in so nice in warm – it’s hard to leave that. Once I got up and moving it wasn’t so bad. It’s actually nice being up early, getting a few little things done, and feeling like I have TIME to get ready for work. I think this extra time will help make my Tuesday just a bit easier.  🙂

This morning I put up two very short blog posts on two other blogs I’m working on – plus this blog post. I would call it a successful morning! Granted they are small blog posts, but I have to start somewhere. Putting up anything is certainly better than nothing at all. Just have to keep plugging away at this.

With that said, my extra time is up for the morning. Time to face the reality known as my day job. I will try very hard today to be thankful for my job and not angry about the changes around there lately.