Just Add Cockroaches!

I decided something was still missing in my life. I’m really enjoying the dubia roaches but I need to LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them breed. They are here for a purpose and that’s to feed Charley.

Did you know there are other roaches that you CAN handle and play with? They are quite docile, don’t bite, don’t fly, etc.

This is how I ended up getting a pair of Madagascar hissing cockroaches.


Their enclosure looks so magical with the lights I fell in love with at Christmas time! They are little LED lights on a copper wire and they remind me of lightning bugs. So perfect!


Just add cockroaches…


They are the most lethargic insects I have ever held! They just sit there. Their legs are very sticky and they don’t like to let go. The female is the one at the top and the male is toward the bottom. You can tell by the “bumps” on his head. They are much more pronounced in the males.


An added bonus? They’re really good at Mexican train dominoes! 😉