Layaway Angels

Looking for something different to do?

Walk into Walmart or Kmart and pay off someone else’s layaway items!

I got in on this deal at Staples recently: a $150 Kmart gift card for $112.50 – that’s a 25% discount!

2013-12-13 08.46.19


The gift card deals lately have been INSANE. My head is still spinning from all the Amex deals over the past few weeks. In the past two weeks alone, Amex has given me $650 in free money!!

The problem with this little “hobby” of mine is that the place I feel most comfortable is a lifestyle filled with gluttony and materialism – this does not define me at all. I need to find ways to counteract the gluttony to ease the turmoil in my mind.

Paying off someone’s layaway is something I’ve wanted to do since I first heard about it a few years ago, but I was too chicken to go do it. It’s an interesting experience and we got some fun reactions out of people. The kid in the layaway department could NOT stop laughing – but he had no idea what to do. He called someone up to help and she knew what to do. She picked out a couple orders that totaled just over what we offered to pay, and we picked up the few dollars extra that were short.

There just isn’t any material object that I want or need in life. Nothing at all that I want for Christmas. Giving to others is the only thing that gets me through the holiday season.

Would I do this again next year? Absolutely! As uncomfortable as I felt going in there and doing this, it was a positive experience overall. Well worth doing. 🙂