Let’s Talk Blogging and Social Media!

My January goal, originally, was to post at least one new blog entry per day on at least one of my blogs. Has that happened? NO! Let me tell you WHY…

I’m reading How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup and I’m realizing something – there’s a lot I didn’t understand about blogging! Whether or not you plan to make any money from blogging, this book is an interesting read and full of good tips. I already had been brainstorming ways to redesign my blog. The theme I was using was never meant to be a permanent fixture here, but I rather liked it. That theme stopped being useful to me several months back, but picking out a theme is just NOT a fun project for me.

In the end, I decided on the good ole faithful theme I’ve come to like on other sites I run. There are so many customizing options available for this theme! It’s also very easy to work with if you need to make any custom CSS changes. This is all a “learn as I go” process for me and I am LOVING IT! My mind has been more on blogging for the past week+ than it has EVER been! Yes, even when I was running my couponing blog that I posted on nearly daily. I have so much more interest in blogging now!


Aside from this blog, I have a few others. Two of those blogs are for 2 out of 3 of our cats. I saw an article yesterday about yet another cat Instagram star: pissed off Pearl. Yes Pearl looks pissed off at times, but nowhere NEAR as pissed off as the pissed off one I live with! I decided all three cats needed to have their own Instagram accounts, so I got those accounts set up last night. I went through all the trouble to set up three new accounts – only to find out there is no way to manage multiple Instagram accounts?!? I was quite disappointed, to say the least. 🙁

I poked around the internet for a bit to see if I could find a solution to this problem. I ran across what I can only assume is a sarcastic comment that said “get more phones lol.” Hmmm… If you recall, I do like to dabble in various phone plans here and there. At any given time, I have my regular cell phone plus three other phones in close proximity. Problem solved!! 🙂 That just left one little problem of getting the pictures from my main phone shared out to the other phones. A simple shared Google Drive folder solved that quickly for me!

So today I spent some time getting the phones set up with Instagram, Google Drive, Phonto app, and custom fonts. I tested out uploading pictures to Google Drive, downloading them to the phones, editing them in Phonto, and sharing them to Instagram/Twitter. Everything works smoothly and I am very pleased with this solution!

OK cats – become Instagram stars!!