Life, Boredom, and ERASURE! 2

– Life

Life just plugs along as usual. No changes – still dealing with old, sick dogs. We really thought the older one would be gone THREE YEARS AGO, so you can only imagine how fun life is with him these days. The clock is ticking and tumors don’t shrink. It’s only a matter of time, but I couldn’t tell you how much time. We enjoy him as best we can. 🙂


– Boredom

So… Sears/Kmart SYWR apparently killed rolling of points. It sure was a fun summer and made Sunday morning so worth looking forward to! More and more deals are disappearing these days, but new ones always pop up. SWYR may have temporarily ruined my fun, but that won’t last. The lack of deals lately just leaves me so BORED! 🙁

In other boredom news: just don’t feel like blogging or doing much of anything else these days. Blah… Not good. Hard to promote a certain page if I don’t ever post anything on it. I NEED to work on that!!



Oh… but a few hours of non-boredom and a serious lack of the blahs!!! I swore I psyched myself up for this show so much that I was going to be disappointed. NOPE!! Couldn’t even imagine it would be BETTER than I expected, but it WAS! OMG… Andy Bell is unbelievable on stage! Here a few of my favorite pics from the show:


My favorite pic! :)

My favorite pic! 🙂

Oh - those silver sequined shorts!!

Oh – those silver sequined shorts!!

Show closer

Show closer

I love the lighting!!

I love the lighting!!

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