I Love This Time Of Year!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE this time of year?! No… it’s not for the reasons why most people love this time of year…

I love this time of year because of Amex!! 🙂

amex 112014

If you aren’t familiar with Amex offers, you certainly are missing out. Where can you find these offers? You can find them by logging into your account to add them, finding them on various deal sites, and syncing your card with social networks at Amex Sync.

Current Sync offers we are working on:

  • $5 back on $15 at Walmart – Goal: Walmart gcs as we will shop there = 33% off
  • $10 back on $50 at JC Penney – Goal: Hope to find gas gcs = 20% off
  • $5 back on $10 at Petco.com – Goal: Petco gcs as we will shop there = 50% off
  • $5 back on $10 at Starbucks.com – Goal: Starbucks gcs – hubby is coffee addicted!! = 50% off
  • $10 back on $50 at Office Max/Office Depot – Goal: Hope to find gas gcs = 20% off
  • $15 back on $15 at Amazon.com  <- HIGHLY targeted offer!  – Goal: Amazon gcs of course! = 100% off
  • $25 back on $250 at Best Buy – Goal: either all gas gcs for 10% off gas, or the following: $200 prepaid Visa + $5.95 fee + $50 gas gc = 38% off gas since the Visa is as good as cash. We may do a mix of both.

This time of year also brings Small Business Saturday! Oh my goodness!! $10 back per transaction, three transactions per card, times all our cards?  *faint* Not a clue how we’re going to pull that one off yet, but we’ll do it. I’m quite sure we’ll have a BLAST! I look forward to this day every year!

So you don’t have an Amex card yet? See what you’re missing out on??