Too Many Blog Ideas In My Head!

I have too many blog ideas floating around in my head! It’s tough to keep up with them sometimes.

It’s good to have different outlets for the different thoughts in my head. I don’t always want to post some things on some pages and that’s why I have several pages.

Unfortunately, the traffic doesn’t always go where *I* want it to go! How do I change that?

– D: 103 visitors in the last month – this is the page I want to go viral! At least it has finally passed L.

– L: 98 visitors in the last month. Not bad considering I half-ass things around here. Maybe that’s what will work in the long run? Doesn’t matter to me either way. This is MY random page!

– M, M, & J: the blogs for the cats. Why don’t I post here more?

– C: seriously? I gave up couponing a long time ago and don’t post here anymore, yet I still get visitors? I wish I could post here, but I don’t shop for what they are looking for these days. I’m more into rebates and slightly higher stakes than 50 cents off my purchase. Don’t get me wrong – I still use coupons! They just don’t define my life anymore and that’s a good thing. Rebates on the other hand… now that’s a different story.

– E: this one is new. Trying to partner with a blogging buddy to get some content on this page. Her thoughts on the subject are far more interesting than mine!

– L2: *sigh* I don’t know about this one. Seemed interesting, but it sure does involve TIME. Don’t have a lot of that these days. It’s a page I can pick up at any time, so some day…

– R: dumb luck that this was SEO straight out of the box. 1700 visitors in the last month and no new content? Damn. It’s a very specialized niche and that’s why the numbers don’t grow any higher. Visitors have to specifically be looking for this subject, and not everyone is.

– I: just a thought at this time.

– S: just a thought at this time… but I really want to get this one going! This involves creativity that I don’t have the energy for these days. *sigh* Again… some day…

And there are more domains floating around…

Seems I just have the energy for stupid stuff these days. Ah well, gotta learn to run with what I have, right?