So Many Reasons To Smile

I recently started a new blog to write about some things that were on my mind that I didn’t want to write about here. I’ve been having trouble blogging there though. Why? I can’t seem to get in the “right” frame of mind for that blog. It has more of an angry tone and I’ve had too many reasons to smile lately!

Back in November I got a veiled chameleon and named him Charley. Isn’t he cute? 🙂 He’s still getting used to me, but he’s doing quite well. His care takes up a lot more time than I expected, but that’s ok with me. He’s worth it!



Well, Charley has to eat! Part of his care has been learning what would be the best and most cost efficient feeder for him. Oh boy… if I ever could have imagined having dubia roaches in my life! Not just having them – but getting them to breed! I think they are rather cute as well. 🙂


Ginger is absolutely fascinated by Charley and just wants to play with him. He keeps a very watchful eye on her…



My silly little Doby doesn’t have a care in the world… and simply doesn’t care. 🙂



The newest things in my life to make me smile? My new salt and pepper shakers! Oh my goodness… hilarious pouring seasonings out of their eyes!


These are just a few of the things that are making me smile these days. More to come that I’m very excited about! 😉