Meet Pud – The Neighborhood Terror

Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph our “neighborhood terror” – Pud (short for Puddy Tat).┬áPud makes a beautiful model! She’s not at all a terror in her own territory. She’s actually quite playful and likes to ham things up for attention. She’s even calming down a bit as she gets older.

Terror or not, Pud is absolutely beautiful! I even managed to get a rare shot of her housemate, Perry. Perry DID NOT like the camera. She’s mostly blind and is easily scared.

Perry 060615

Perry – Poor little fraidy cat

Pud 1 060615

Pud licking her chops

Pud 2 060615

Make sure you get the nose!

Pud 3 060615

Washing up after a long day roaming around

Pud 4 060615

You wanna make something of it?!?