Minor Upgrade To Living Space – Major Impact

old curtains 020716

One of the things I have been reading about lately is learning to live the life you want – before you actually *have* the life you want. This is a little confusing to some who haven’t read about this concept, but it’s not a difficult concept. You can’t attract things you want into your life without making some changes and moving toward the things you want. One simple way to accomplish this is to change some things around your house that you aren’t completely satisfied with. Get rid of clutter and things that don’t make you happy. Make some upgrades if they would improve productivity or your overall well-being. There is NO reason to settle for the way things are just because that’s the way things have always been!

Making do with what we have is something my husband and I have always been quite good at. If it still works, we can live with it. At least we USED to be able to live with it. Not so much these days! We’re done with settling for mediocre.

We’ve had our bedroom curtains since we moved into our condo. They were what we could afford at the time and they were crappy then and are still crappy now. 🙁 They are difficult to move along the cheap curtain rod and they let in too much light. The light issue has become more of a problem ever since they renovated the apartment complex next door and put up BRIGHT lights that shine right in our window. We’ve tossed around the idea of getting new curtains, but haven’t bothered to do anything about it.

WHY?!?! If we don’t like our curtains, they are crap, they let in too much light, and the color depresses us, WHY?!? Why do we choose to limit ourselves to something that doesn’t suit our needs when there are easy ways to change a situation. Good question!

No more of that! Time to make some changes around here that suit our needs better. Starting with… new curtains!! 🙂

new curtains 020716

I have a ton of Shop Your Way Rewards points to spend and we usually just spend those on general household needs. We had enough points that we certainly could afford to splurge a little on something other than cat food or dish detergent. I found these curtains on Kmart’s website and I really liked them! Hubby’s favorite color is blue, so of course he liked them as well. New curtains meant we also needed new curtain rods. These were absolutely perfect! Simple and sharp looking – and they go great with the curtains. We wasted no time in picking the curtains/rods out, picking them up, and installing them. We both LOVE how they look in the bedroom! They really lighten the room up.

The best part about the new curtains? They are blackout curtains! 😀 No more apartment complex light shining in the bedroom. No more sun in the daytime either if we need to block that out for some reason.

Next project? Ordering another set of curtain rods for the other bedroom. The curtains in that room are fine and would look great if we just upgraded the curtain rods. The rods have already been ordered and are ready for store pickup tomorrow. Between the new curtains/rods, and the new towel racks in the bedroom – this place is starting to feel a little more comfortable and less like we are trying to just get by. Now we need to open our eyes and see what other improvements we could make around here to make life more enjoyable. 🙂