Mixing Up My Mornings

For the exercise portion of my morning, I had been riding the exercise bike. This worked well for a while because I could just casually ride while reading a book. While this is better than NOT exercising, it just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.

I had heard that there are a ton of workout videos on youtube, so I did a quick search for “best online workout videos”. I found several sites that were happy to list and rank various video programs, and then picked one that appealed to me. I settled on a channel called BeFit that has a TON of options to choose from. I decided that I would start with the 30 day fat burn challenge. Why not? Seems like a good starting point. The challenge even comes with a calendar that tells you which workout to do each day. Perfect for me to learn with! I absolutely SUCK at following along with workout videos.

WHAT happened to my dumbbells though? They are stored in a case and have been sitting at the end of the couch for… uh… I have no idea how long. 🙁 I opened the case and they are FILTHY. Covered in pet hair and other crap. Yuck! I wiped one of them off to use this morning and I’ll drag the rest of them outside tomorrow for a good cleaning.

I was worried about how rearranging my morning would affect the rest of my morning, but I really like how it turned out! Usually I get up, feed cats, brush teeth, drink water, shower. This morning I got up, threw on some workout clothes, brushed teeth, drank water, then went down to feed cats. Feeding the cats takes up a good 15 minutes of my morning since I have to carefully monitor who is eating what. I then went through the workout video before heading up to shower.

Since I was wide awake already, I took a much shorter shower than I usually do!! WOW!! That’s HUGE!! I can’t stand how long my showers usually are and I’ve never been able to make them any shorter. Hmm… this is quite interesting.