Monday Morning Odds & Ends

amarylis 010415

– My amaryllis has recovered nicely after that jerk of a black cat knocked it over. It had two stalks and this is the second one. Unfortunately, the first stalk had SIX blossoms. 🙁  Never seen anything quite like it before and I didn’t even get to enjoy it.

–  I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept waking up trying to claw the skin off my hands. Fun. Really sick of stress in my life, I’ll tell ya that! I’m absolutely convinced that the reaction on my fingers is nothing more than an allergic reaction to stress. 2014 really SUCKED for me!

– On the bright side: I woke up this morning wanting to learn more and work on website stuff. I don’t have much time to do that in the morning, but at least my mind is on the right track.

– To help satisfy my mind, I downloaded some niche website podcasts to listen to on my commute. 🙂

– Yesterday I reorganized my Netvibes RSS reader and I LOVE it! Why didn’t I try this before?? I loaded a bunch of Facebook page feeds into Netvibes a long time ago, but now I have it set up to display them in a way that works QUITE well for their format. HA! Take that, Facebook! Nice try hiding all the stuff I actually WANT to see. I win. This setup still needs some work, but now it’s in a format that works nicely for me.

– Got caught up on all my emails in one particular email account that needs to be checked AT LEAST once a day – certainly more. Now I just need to keep up on that.

– Speaking of Facebook: had it open all of 2 minutes this morning before it really got on my nerves. Is bitching about everything all people do these days? Annoying. Facebook has been depressing me lately and now it’s just flat out annoying me. I’m certainly limiting my time there.

– Last night I posted articles to two separate niche sites. I also picked out another product, set up my subdomain, and got everything ready for me to write my review page. Progress! I just ran out of steam before writing the review page. That’s ok, I can only do so much before I overwhelm myself. I’m happy with my progress.

– I had been taking a Udemy course on niche site creation, but I got stuck at actually finding a niche site to work with. I didn’t feel I could move further in the course without that, so I paused it for a while. Now that I actually have a site to work with, via means other than the ones he was teaching, I feel I can see what the rest of the course has to offer.

On that note – I’m off to face my day!