A Much Needed Day To Myself

I have a MUCH needed day to myself today!

Anyone that knows us in real life knows how hectic life has been lately. After three very rough years caring for our elderly dog, we finally had to make the decision to put him down two weeks ago.

mutt3 110914

We were very thankful to be able to plan this in advance and enjoy his final few days with us. He supposedly was 10 years old when we got him – and that was almost EIGHT YEARS AGO! He certainly enjoyed life!

We miss him so much, but things are a lot calmer these days. I absolutely do not miss cleaning up after an old dog…



mutt4 110914

A week after putting our old mutt down, this one’s lymphoma came back. It’s not a surprise and this is her third round with chemo. So technically – we still have an old sick dog! You’d never know she was sick though. She sure is a little trooper!



mutt1 110914

The striped mutt and I have fun playing with the selfie feature on my phone. She cracks me up!



mutt2 110914

I have no words for this guy. He is just WEIRD.



So… how am I spending my day??   I had such grand plans for the day, but as usual – just too much I want to do and not enough time to do it all. Time to prioritize.

I want to:

  • Study passive income
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Learn how to use my camera
  • Do laundry
  • Clean up garden
  • Etc, etc

Yeah, too much for one day. 🙁   I guess I HAVE to clean the kitchen, garden, and do laundry. No fun, but necessary. Next up will be learning passive income. The camera will just have to wait a little longer. The prospect of passive income takes priority since I will be buying a new car in a few weeks. EEK!!


technology 110914

Technology certainly makes it easier to accomplish what I need to do! The portability of the tablet means I am not tied to my desk all day. I can take it to the kitchen and learn while I clean or make lunch. Yay for things that make my life easier! 🙂