Music Monday: Belle Brigade – Losers

(And… two days after posting I realize there’s a MAJOR typo in the title?!?! I give up. 🙁  )

I wanted to share this song because I absolutely LOVE the message it sends. It has been coming up on my usb drive a lot lately, which has caused it to be at the center of my mind.

I have to say – I’ve loved this song since the first time I ever ran across it on satellite a few years ago. I hadn’t seen the video until just now and I can’t say I love the video. Then again, I really don’t like videos to begin with. I’d MUCH rather just listen to the music. Hate the video and the visual message they were going for here. Yuck.

A beagle though?? That beagle reminds me so much of my own beagle – back in her younger, pre-lymphoma days. Kinda glad my husband doesn’t read my blog now. It’ll only make him sad and he doesn’t like this song anyway.

I’ve never seen a beagle that looked SO much like her!