Music Monday: Meat Loaf – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

I woke up in such a bad mood this morning – I did NOT feel like posting anything on my blog. πŸ™

No clue why I woke up so mad at life – no reason for it. I just had this song playing over and over in my head.

Of course my morning didn’t go smoothly at all and that didn’t help. As the day went on, the feelings subsided – thankfully!

So while I’m not completely pissed off about life anymore, that doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely LOVE this song!! πŸ˜€

WOW! Just so powerful!

Meat Loaf is quite impressive on his own. Meat Loaf + Jim Steinman? A M A Z I N G!

Can this fall and the new album PLEASE get here?Β CAN NOT WAIT!! πŸ™‚