Music Monday: Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

When I decided to do a music discussion post each Monday, I went back and forth trying to decide what song to start with. The song I wanted to start with wasn’t anything particularly special – just a song I’d heard a lot over the past week. I really love the message of that song, but… it has to wait.


The timing of this first music post happens to fall on a very special day: February 2nd, Groundhog Day.

No… that’s not why it’s special! 🙂

February 2nd was the day I first met my husband in person. We met in a chat room on the internet and had corresponded via email for a few months. I know this doesn’t sound strange these days, but it was still quite new and unknown back in 1999. We didn’t even talk on the phone until the end of January, and he came to visit me a little over a week later.

My friends thought I was CRAZY, but they just didn’t understand. Looking back now – even I think it was a bit crazy!! But hey, no one ever said I wasn’t crazy in general… 😉

After that first visit I had a dream that we were going to get married in 36 months. While I really wish 02/02/02 had ended up our wedding anniversary, I’m also glad (for many reasons) we bumped our wedding up a few months and got married in October. Besides – now we have TWO anniversaries to celebrate! 🙂

Wanna guess which one we seem to favor more?

Here we are 16 years later and this song still means just as much as it did back then. 🙂  (It actually came out late ’99/early ’00)

Happy Anniversary, honey! (Even though you never read my blog… )