Need My Credit Cards Confiscated

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I’m having one of those weekends where I feel like I need my credit cards confiscated!

Do I ever actually SPEND money on stuff I don’t want? NO! If real money leaves this household permanently, it’s for a good reason.

Plenty leaves temporarily though, and that’s ok. Just part of this life I have chosen for myself. Part of being a deal shopper and a rebateaholic. 😉

First – Kohl’s had a rice cooker for $5.99 after rebate. OK! I have always wanted one – but holy cow, this one is versatile! Tried it out tonight steaming some vegetables. YUM YUM YUM!!!  I can see us getting a lot of use out of this – forget rice. I’d like to make rice at some point too, but for now – VEGGIES!

Then there was the Sears/Kmart $10 in points on a $10 purchase. Had WAY too much fun with that! I was practically begging for the deal to die – and it finally did mid-day yesterday. I still have some missing points and some pending orders, but it’s all part of the game. I am QUITE happy with the purchases I was able to pick up and I will be even more thrilled if all my shipped orders end up arriving. Also OK if they get canceled – again, part of the game. VERY happy with everything we got so far – especially the personal blender to make smoothies.

As soon as that was over, it was on to Staples. 4 half cases of paper, 4 reams, a pack of markers, and of course the Mastercard deal with the Chase Ink card. The paper left this house already (along with 4 more reams) and is being shuffled off to local schools via my contact. One of the schools sent me a thank you note – aww, that was sweet!

Done with Staples for the week, right? Not so fast! Hello $15 off a $50 breakroom purchase. Supposedly Kcup packs were $10.39 and you could get five of them for around $35. Well I knew I sometimes got things cheaper when I logged in and guess what – $7.39 each for me! SEVEN boxes of Kcups for $35. Did we not just get a bunch using a $25/$75 q and $50 in free gift cards? Did I not just bring home 7 boxes yesterday and 2 more being shipped to me via Sears/Kmart? Oh well – too good of a deal to pass up!

Done with Staples now, right? Oh no no no… a $30 off $60 business supply coupon?!? HELLO wireless day/night camera! Haven’t I always wanted one of THESE?!?! Ideally I’d love multiple cameras, but we will start with ONE and see how it goes. One camera and a box of trash bags later… and I might actually be done with Staples… for TODAY. 😉 Now, where do I want to install this camera… hmmm…

All I can say is – thank goodness I didn’t think there were any clearance computer deal to stack with that $100 coupon today… I sure didn’t NEED anything!