New Chair and New Blogging Project

My brother was laughing at me over the weekend. Typical weekend where I’m sitting in a crappy folding chair while the mutt sleeps in my desk chair. My brother asked if I’d ever considered getting myself an office chair – chuckling as he asks of course. Yeah, I have thought about it. Just didn’t make much sense to spend money on one when I have a folding chair to sit in. Well… neighbors are wasteful and the price was right – saw a neighbor toss this in the dumpster yesterday! It was a little dirty but cleaned up just fine. 🙂

office chair 020914



Last night I actually felt up to working on a new blog project of mine. I’m really excited about this project, but it’s the kind of blog that requires a lot of work – certainly more days than not. Well, I got a START on it and you have to start somewhere. Hoping to work more on it tonight.