New RingPlus Promo, etc.

RingPlus announced their latest promo last night: 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, 1000 mb data + more with only a $10 top up! No brainer if you have a phone to activate.

(Free: 1000+x Voice, 1000+x Text, 1000+x MB LTE Data)/ Month Additional free Voice, Text, and Data will be added based upon deal popularity in various forums and social networks. Thursday October 22, 2015 and Friday October 23, 2015. Each day it runs 12pm PDT- 3pm PDT

This Promo is the last of the Future Plan Research.

Ringplus Future 11: The Consumer Endorsement Trial

The plan includes for FREE:

• 1000 Min Real Cell Minutes + additional see table below
• 1000 Text + additional see table below
• 1000 MB + additional see table below

Table1(This will update over the course of the promo as popularity data comes in)

Current Status: Free additional Voice, Text and MB for this Plan is currently:

Voice +85
Text +110
MB +75

-For new Members only (or you can add a new member to your existing account). For current Members, upgades from the waiting list will be available as a percentage of total new Member base.

1) 100% Free 1000+x voice /1000+x text /1000+x MB LTE Data per month! No contract! (Cell Phones Only)
2) Real cell service, not VoIP
3) Free voicemail to email
4) Emergency number setup and social network integration
5) Free parental control features (block data, texts, and picture mail, blacklist or whitelist calls, and block all calls and texts by time
6) Over 25 RingPlus+ Radio stations included. Choose from Billboard Top 100 to Classical, or stay up-to-date with World and Financial News
7) WiFi calling via Sip client available.
8) Bring Your Own Sprint Device.
9) Overages are billed $0.02 cents Min/Text/Data


• Go to and choose Future 11 Plan (scroll down on the website). Don’t worry if the plan isn’t on the site yet, the link will appear just prior to the promotion starting 12pm PDT on Thursday.
• Proceed with the activation of your cell phone. Follow the links on our website.
• A $10 top up is required during signup. If, and only if, the balance reaches $0, another $10 auto top up will automatically occur. Don’t throw away money on activation fees
• There is no social media requirement for this research. We will measure social media as well as other forums posts and activities on the internet.

I do have a couple of spare ESNs that might work for this. Ooh… tempting!! I have a few hours to think about this.


I’m REALLY enjoying The Art of Non-Conformity!!  Almost done with the book and I’m definitely interested in hearing more of what Chris Guillebeau has to say about life. Fascinating stories and I certainly can relate to his way of thinking, although not quite to his extremes. 🙂