New Website And First Reader Contribution!

Remember a while back when I said I was setting up the ability for readers to contribute content to one of my websites? People contact me quite often asking how to submit content, but hardly anyone follows through on that. I wanted to make it EASY for people to submit content without having to ask me first. Well I finally got my FIRST reader contribution on that site! It’s a start, right? This is all just one big learning process and I can already see I need to tweak things a bit. I need to be very specific in describing what I am looking for.

So far this week, hubby has registered TWO domain names and set the sites up! No fair!!! How long ago did I register the one for the torti and I’ve done nothing with it?? A couple of weeks now I think. Dammit. I like where he’s going with one of the domains and it’s along the lines of a concept I’ve been wanting to run with for a while. I already had a couple of domain names to choose from, so I set up a site last night. Oddly enough, I didn’t go with the domain name I’ve always leaned toward for this project. Suddenly the other one appealed to me more. We’ll see where that goes.

At the very least, I learned a bit more about WordPress and Jetpack. Things sure have changed since I set up my first website several years ago. So much EASIER now!! Jetpack does so many things that I’ve always used other plugins for. I also found some options within the theme I am using on two sites that can replace additional plugins I wasn’t happy with anymore. Needless to say, I am now itching to do a LOT of tweaking this weekend!! I’m feeling much more comfortable with the theme I’ve been working with and I think I will use that theme to set up the site for the torti. It feels SO GOOD to be working on this stuff again!! 🙂