Nice Reminder From A Random Stranger

got shit together 010716

So I got this random text message tonight that really made me laugh!! I know I have mentioned before that I have been gambling with Ringplus lines. I’m still quite happy with how the plans have progressed. I have myself, my hubby, my mom’s boyfriend, my dad, my dad’s girlfriend, and my brother’s girlfriend all on plans now! Ringplus has been a LIFE SAVER for one of those folks, and really just fun lines to play with for the rest of them. I am not sure where Ringplus has been getting the numbers from, but ALL the lines have received wrong numbers for phone calls or texts at some point. Play date confirmations, prescription pickup messages, doctor appointment reminders, photography sessions from a *questionable* number listed as “Divine Hottie” on an escort site – my dad is STILL blaming me for this one…

I was even included in a group text message informing me that someone had passed away! 🙁 I would have passed my condolences along to the family if I had received the text at the time and not 12 hours later. I think you get the point when I say it has been an interesting experience to say the least!

Tonight’s text message though… that was different. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Then I thought about it a bit.

Well gee, thanks for checking in on me. I guess shit is really going ok. I shouldn’t complain, but I still do. Working on getting my shit together, thank you for asking. Things are getting better. I have to understand I’ll still have struggles. How I deal with those struggles is what really matters and I guess that would be getting my shit together! It’s an ongoing process, as you may know. I’m doing the best I can! I’m meeting new people, making new friends, setting goals, reading, learning, and making improvements across the board. I’ll get there soon, I know it!

Some day shit will be going great! That’s when I’ll really have my shit together! 🙂