NO sleep

Everybody and everything worked against me last night – NO SLEEP. This is going to make for a very long day. Dog, cats, hubby… all had me awake at various times of the night.  🙁  Despite my lack of sleep, I still made myself get up early as I have been doing. Of course I knew I wouldn’t amount to much by doing that, but I did it anyway. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for 4 more hours of SLEEP though.

I ordered some more medicine for the dog and I attempted to scan a check for mobile deposit. The check wasn’t “readable” so I’ll have to try again later. No time/patience now to do it.

I have a list going of things I want to get done tomorrow since I don’t have to work. That’s only going to work well for me if I get some SLEEP.

The anxiety started to creep up a bit, due to my sleep problem. It seems to have subsided a little by now though. I thought for sure that was going to get much worse. It probably will later when I have to drive to work. I still can’t figure out how to ease the anxiety while driving.

So I haven’t quite amounted to absolutely nothing this morning. I got a few little things done. Not as productive as I have been lately, but I feel like I’m thinking more clearly – sometimes. Today will be a little difficult for me running on so little sleep. I’ll get through it somehow – just not sure HOW.