Odd Traffic Spike, Tweaking Needed, Catching Up To Do

cbic fb 011615

I had an odd traffic spike on one of my Facebook pages this week. No clue what that’s all about and if this traffic is even “legitimate”. I haven’t posted on that blog in 10 months! Strange


I’m really liking the new theme and how versatile it is. Need to get back to learning HTML and web development again. Life got too crazy and I abandoned that course part way through. It’s a shame since I was really enjoying it, but I didn’t have time for it anymore. I plan to work that back into my schedule again SOON. 🙂 You don’t necessarily *need* to know any HTML to work with this theme, but it sure does make things easier if you have a better understanding of that kind of stuff. Besides, I just can’t seem to sink enough KNOWLEDGE into that brain of mine! NEED. MORE.

Ah – but apparently some tweaking is still needed. The irony of a friend leaving a comment that things are looking good around here is killing me! Yeah, they look great… except for the stupid white letters on white background in the comment box. ARGH! I’m aware of it now and I’ll get it fixed this weekend.


mohegan 011415

I was at an offsite work meeting Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon. It was great for the entire corporate office to be able to attend the meeting and have a chance to chat with all the managers we work with across the country. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed chatting with everyone. I sure am paying for it today! I wasn’t feeling well to begin with and having my schedule thrown off was tough on me. Needless to say, I have a lot of website stuff to catch up on after being away for a couple of days. Sure was worth it though. 🙂