Organizing my blogs

I am trying to organize and schedule my blogs. Suddenly, I have SIX blogs I want to maintain.

L – this blog. For now I want to write when I feel like it, but eventually I want to get that to a daily schedule.

M & J – cute, fun, and short blogs. I’d at least like daily twitter activity on them for now.

C – my original blog that serves a particular niche. I can only post to this one when I do something in that niche, which is less and less lately.

D & E – these two run in conjunction with each other. I never did decide which domain name I preferred – I change my mind almost daily on that. They both have the same content, so it’s just copy & paste from one to the other. I think I would like to get these on a twice a week schedule, just based on content availability. If they ever were to pick up a following, there may be a need for daily posts.


My goal this morning is to do the first preparation step on 5 items for D & E. There are several steps in prepping content for these blogs, so the first step is far from finished content.