Overwhelmed by Sunday

I wish I knew why I felt this way nearly every Sunday evening. I go through the work week getting more and more overwhelmed. The weekend comes and I calm down, all ready and raring to go. No matter how much I get done or how much time I sit back and take it easy – I STILL feel depressed and overwhelmed come Sunday. It’s as if there’s nothing at all I can do on the weekend to prepare me to head back to work for the week. Nothing to make me feel relaxed.

I’ve made changes to my schedule. I’m trying to get more organized – that’s a PROJECT and a half! I’m trying to view life in a different light. I feel like nothing is helping.

Something HAS to be helping though. I AM feeling more organized and I AM getting more things done that I would like to do. I suspect there’s just too much going on in my life and that’s why I’m feeling overwhelmed. The stuff I’d like to cut from my schedule – I can’t. The stuff I can cut – I don’t want to. Those are the things that I feel will benefit me most in life. So I must keep plugging along so I’m not stuck in the rat race FOREVER. Baby steps…. baby steps…