Photography Practice and New Fish

As I tend to do this time of year during Black Friday – I stocked my fish tanks! What better time for photography practice than with new fish – things I like to take pictures of!

Taking pictures of fish is difficult. 🙁  They move so quickly! I think I did ok with the shots. I certainly could do better once I learn photography a little more.

I had one good size African cichlid in the tank and I got five new ones. I got two “small” ones yesterday and decided I wanted more. I went back out and found three even SMALLER cichlids – eek!! They are so cute… but so TINY!! I hope they do well in the tank.

So far so good. The guy at the pet store yesterday told me to rearrange the decorations or my resident cichlid would DESTROY the new fish. I got home and read more about this. It’s also recommended that you add them to the tank in groups of at least four. That’s part of the reason why I went out and got more today. The five smaller ones all seem to get along ok. I haven’t seen a lot of aggression – just a small amount that seems rather normal as they sort out their territories.

I’ll just have to keep an eye on the tank for any signs of aggression – especially in the older resident cichlid.

Click on the individual pictures to view the larger version:

fish 112815 1

Group Shot


fish 112815 2

Group Shot


fish 112815 3

Prettiest, cutest, hardest to photograph


fish 112815 4

Feeding time


fish 112815 5

So cute!


fish 112815 6

So cute!


fish 112815 7

So cute!


fish 112815 8



fish 112815 9

Old Grump


fish 112815 10

Little tiny orange one


fish 112815 11

Little tiny yellow one


fish 112815 12

Old Grump


fish 112815 13

Easiest to photograph


fish 112815 14

Small blue one and medium bumblebee